Choosing A New Telephone System

What Should I Consider?

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This information is provided to assist you when considering a change in your telephone system. We understand that it's not easy to make a technology choice that you use every day for many years.

The key is to focus on the right questions!!

The following will provide you with a some ideas to help you make the right decision for your business. We hope this document is of value to you and to your business.


For years telephone systems were very simple. The phone rings and someone answers it, and when I want to make a call just give me dialtone and I’m all set. How simple it was!!

In 1993 the DASH phone system was introduced as the first computer controlled phone system. Since the introduction of the DASH system the entire industry has moved toward software-based systems that provide more features than ever believed possible. The power of this concept combined with the evolution of digital signal processors (DSPs) has transformed certain telephone systems into true value-added business tools.

Your system telephone is the front door to your business!

So how do you make the right choice?


The following are presented as suggestions when making a change in your telephone system. Please consider which thoughts below apply to your specific business requirements. Regardless of which suggestions you focus on, we would ask you to consider one basic principle:

Make a "Value-Based" Decision!

Well that sounds great, but how do I do that? Where do I start? It's easy to just choose the lowest cost, doesn't that mean the best value?

At Webcp we believe that cost is a part of the "Value Equation", but there is much more to consider. The following information is provided to help you make the right "value-based" choice for your business.

"The Value Equation"

The following information is intended to provoke your thoughts when considering the purchase of technologies and services that your business depends on. We sincerely hope this information helps you to make the best decision for your company, and if it does, then we have succeeded in helping your business.

General Business Considerations:

  1. Will this type of technology meet your evolving business needs?
  2. Will the system meet your growth requirements for its perceived useful life?
  3. Do you need dynamic flexibility to cover incoming calls?
  4. Will this system improve efficiency and/or increase employee productivity? How?
  5. Is this system easy for my employees to use?
  6. Could services such as Voicemail, or integration with computers be of value to your operation?
  7. Do you have multiple business locations?

Product Considerations:

  1. Does the system demonstrate a very high level of internal integration of features? How?
  2. How well are the system and phones built?
  3. How does the system grow in both features and capacity?
  4. Does the system provide verbal assistance to help you use your phone?
  5. Is it easy for you to use the features.
  6. How well can the system adjust to your changing needs?
  7. Does the system integrate with computers and other technologies to provide enhansed capabilities?
  8. Are major capabilities built-in or do you need a separate component for voice mail, etc.?

Service Provider Considerations:

  1. Is the Service Provider passionate about their product? If so, why? Do they really believe in it or is it just another product?
  2. Can they translate technology into "real value to your business"?
  3. What is the focus of their technical and advisory support? Do they have a basic or strategic focus? This could point to long term value to your business.
  4. Has the Service Provider won received any recognition? What did they do to get them? Read the person's response.
  5. How tight is their relationship with the manufacturer of the system and phones? Ask for examples. Are they a direct certified dealer on the product?
  6. How do they evaluate new technologies? How often?
  7. Understand their training and post installation support.
  8. Where are they located?
  9. References - everyone has good ones - ask references about specific their people, and see if there are any examples of good service you can relate to.
  10. Ask for an overview of the manufacturer. Look for specific knowledge from your service provider. How is their financial position. You want to be supported well for many years.


The selection of telephone technology is an important decision that must add value to your business. At times this decision is made on a "lowest cost" basis where the perception is "the systems all look about the same" so low cost is mixed with a comfort level with the person selling the system. The inevitable result has been a low-cost, low-value decision that doesn't really add much value to your business for the investment you are making. The value you receive in operational improvements and ease-of-use should be greater than the investment you make.

Webco hopes this document demonstrates the importance of making a "Value-Based decision". We ask you to look at the difference between available technologies and consider the technological platform and the value it could bring to your business over the long term. Please don’t be confused that a high value system is too complex for your business. In fact, it is the unique systems that offer the flexibility to evolve their designs as your business requirements shift. This gives you a longer useful life, which translates into a "lower overall cost of ownership".

We ask that you give consideration to the support and value your service provider can bring to your business over the long term. This is the company that will help you as new technologies evolve and your business needs change. They should be more than just a maintenance company. This relationship should "add value to your business" by providing you with insights and products that benefit you. Your service provider should be working to benefit your business, and with that focus relationships are built and both businesses benefit together.

In closing, we appreciate your interest in our perspective. We hope this document has been of value to you in forming your decision, and we look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.

We urge you to make a "Value-Based" selection!

Good Luck from the Staff of Webco Communications Inc.!!