Voicemail Features

(Local IP phones and remote phones)

16 built-in voice mail ports

“Always-on” channels available for voice mail, auto attendant, call recording without using system trunks or station ports.

Off-premises message delivery

Forwards calls to a cell phone or home phone combined with pager notification, for extensive notification capability.

Urgent messages

Can deliver higher-priority messages first. Message Recycle Bin (undelete) Remembers, and can restore, each mailbox’s 10 most recently deleted messages.

Quick Groups

When a user wants to share a message with several other users, this feature requires that the user just press VOICEMAIL and the appropriate station keys.

Quick Move

Press a station key during live recording to move the message automatically to that user’s mailbox.

Guest mailboxes

Make it possible to give voice mail to personnel (e.g., in outside sales or manufacturing) who do not have an actual extension assigned to them. A guest mailbox can be handled like a regular extension (e.g., listed in the directory, assigned a station key, etc.). Info mailboxes can be used to give callers information on a variety of different subjects by “publishing” these mailbox numbers.

Virtual Mailbox Key

A programmable function key “tied” to any mailbox; allows simplified monitoring of a second mailbox.

Multiple personal greetings

Pre-record up to three greetings and assign them to a programmable key for one-touch selection. A standard greeting, a greeting that pages throughout the office, a greeting that transfers to cellphone.

Broadcast mailbox

The broadcast mailbox is used to leave a single message in all of the system’s station users mailboxes.

Group mailboxes

The systems support up to 16 group mailboxes with up to 32 members each. Users can set or change the list of group mailbox members.

Message notification

On a mailbox-by-mailbox basis, the system can be programmed to call an off-premises number or another extension to deliver messages and/or dial to an external commercial paging network to activate a user’s pager.

Cascade paging mailboxes

10 cascade paging mailboxes can be assigned to anyone who requires escalating levels of paging beyond the single level available in all user mailboxes.


Allows a caller forwarded to a user’s voice mailbox to page the user over the user's business’s internal overhead paging system.


Lets one station user QuickPage another station by pressing a designated QuickPage key followed by either a station extension or a programmable key set for a station.