System Features

Full integration

One cabinet contains a phone system, voice mail/automated attendant and automatic call distributor, all working together as an integrated whole.

Eight message-on-hold (MOH) recordings

Provides a professional sound without licensing fees. Use the three supplied music tracks, or record and use up to five of your own.

Auto attendant

Provides extensive call routing, including directories, automatic day/night operation, off-premises transfer, pager notification and more.

Highest voice quality

Records voice messages with 64-kilobitper- second sampling, for the highest quality sound a telephone line can carry.

Call statistics

The ESI Communications Server delivers detailed reports at the touch of a key and provides SMDR.

TAPI support (Basic Telephony Service)

Provided through the Ethernet connection between the workstation and the host IP Feature Phone.

T1/PRI support

Lets larger offices make fullest use of wideband lines.

Up to 30 fully functional analog ports

Each allows voice mail, park/retrieve, transfer, page, call waiting, off-premises message delivery and more.

Conference calling

Includes 24 conference bridges, and a conference may contain up to four parties, so the ESI Communications Server can support six conferences of four parties each or eight conferences of three parties each.

Esi-Dex speed-dialing

Calls any number from three separate lists (personal, station and system); uses Caller ID* information or direct keypad entries.

Dedicated overhead paging interface

Allows intra-system paging through the speaker built into the IP Feature Phone or through an ancillary over-head paging system.

Built-in QoS

Quality-of-service control, built into the system, mitigates network data bursts’ effects on voice quality.

Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Places sales or service personnel in departments and either routes a call to the longest-idle agent or places it on hold if all agents are busy then immediately connects when the first agent is available. Constantly updates IP Feature Phone display regarding queues and wait times.