Station Features

(Local IP phones and remote phones)

Call waiting

display shows both calls’ Caller ID* information; user can toggle between calls by pressing the FLASH key.

Enhanced Caller ID*

ESI’s patented enhancements allow onekeystroke return of a call plus quick addition of the caller to the user’s speed-dial list.

Esi-Dex built-in directory

Works with Caller ID* to keep an alphabetical speed-dial list; accessible with a keystroke and displayed on the Smart display.

Three separate speed-dialing lists: personal, station and system.

Users can make entries directly from the IP Feature Phone keypad, as well as scroll through lists (to save time, users can select which names to view within each list).

Missed Call Key™

Allows review of Caller ID* data of an extension’s last 10 unanswered calls in which each caller didn’t leave a message. The user can return each call by pressing one key.

Live call recording

Record a conversation, conference call or personal reminder memo for later playback, as well as moving or copying to others’ mailboxes.

Live call screening

Works like a home answering machine; the user can listen to a message while someone leaves it. The user can pick up the handset at any time to take the call or just let the caller continue to leave a message in his/her mailbox.

Virtual Answer Key™

For use when one is already on another call but wants to give special attention to a second call that is in call-waiting. Set as many as two programmable feature keys to be Virtual Answer Keys. Each plays a recorded greeting telling the caller the user knows he/she is calling and, depending on programming and how the prompt is recorded, can also give the caller an easy way to dial out to another extension where he/she can gain immediate assistance.

Service observing

Allows authorized personnel to silently observe (and record) station-to-outside calls.

Off-premises reach-me

Allows a caller forwarded to one's voice mailbox to reach the user at an external number (e.g., home phone or mobile phone).

Visual Park Key™

Allows virtually unlimited park “orbits.” (Also supports park/retrieve with analog phones.) “Park” calls for easy pickup at any station without elaborate codes to remember.

One-touch access to a number of features

This lets the user press dedicated keys rather than having to remember multi-key codes. To access voice mail, the user just presses VOICEMAIL; to perform a conference call, CONF; or, to transfer a call, TRANSFER.

Verbal Help Key™ and Verbal User Guide™

These use hundreds of prompts to guide