The affordable, “all-in-one” phone system

ESI specializes in making incredibly feature-rich phone systems that are equally easy to use. The ESI-600 Series is the perfect example of that legacy: it greets you with “Good Morning”, teaches you how to use and program the system, and stands by – ready to help – whenever needed. But that’s just one of this all-in-one digital phone system’s unique features. Compare it to any other phone system for price, functionality and easeof- use.

Advanced technology built in, not added on.

Using cutting-edge engineering techniques and the latest in digital technology, the ESI-600 Series phone system offers easy-to-use, flawless call handling functionality on ESI’s highly reliable, proven ESI-600 platform.

Easy expandability.

Sized to fit small to midsize businesses, the ESI-600 Series’ modular design allows your system to easily grow as your needs change.

VoIP ready.

Enjoy the convenience and savings of Voice over IP, allowing interoffice communications between your ESI-600 Series systems in multiple cities and even home offices.

Eliminates interoffice phone charges.

With VoIP technology, calls to your company’s offices across the country don’t cost any more than calls down the hall. You can cut your long distance charges easily and dramatically.

Rock-solid performance plus extensive telephony features.

ESI has been designing and manufacturing some of the most popular award-winning phone systems for years, and has included all of their renowned easy-to-use features in the ESI-600 Series. You never knew a phone could do so much until you’ve used one from ESI.

Easy to manage, less expensive, more flexible.

Just like all of ESI’s phone systems, the ESI-600 Series is easy to understand and easy to use. With advanced technology features, the ESI-600 Series system offers benefits that continue to pay off for your company in the future.
One-touch HELP
ESI’s comprehensive Verbal User Guide™ makes the ESI-600 Series the easiest phone system you’ve ever used
Automatically pages you on the overhead paging system if you are away from your desk – stop missing important calls
Off-premises “Reach me”
Calls can follow you when you leave the office
Blind Hold
Lets a second caller know you’ve put them on hold and you’ll be with them shortly
Missed call key
Scroll through your list of missed calls and redial with a single stroke
Live conversation recording
Press a button and record phone calls to save for later
Live call screening
Listen to voice mail messages as they happen, so you don’t miss important calls
Premier quality voice mail
Up to 16 simultaneous channels of voice mail, plus hundreds of mailboxes and ESI’s exclusive Virtual Mailbox™
Advanced automated attendant
Sophisticated automated attendant with 6 levels and 100 branches, so calls are conveniently routed to their desired extension or department
Enhanced Caller ID
See at a glance who’s calling and store Caller ID information for easy one-button callback anytime, even when messages are transferred or forwarded
Easy message handling
Includes ESI’s exclusive Quick Groups™ for instantly sending messages to multiple recipients, and Quick Moves™ to easily move a message from your mailbox to another user’s mailbox
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