Are you paying attention to your most profitable customers?

If you're like most companies, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. So it's important to KNOW when your big customers are calling.

You KNOW you have some clients that require special attention, but you might not have realized what a large segment of your company's income is derived from just a few of your clients. So the key is to be certain they receive the highest quality of personalized customer service you can manage. That's where ESI’s phone systems come in. Utilizing Caller ID technology, you can make sure that calls from your "800 lb. gorillas" get answered quickly and efficiently.

ESI’s VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) combines the advanced capabilities of the ESI phone system with the power of Microsoft Outlook. VIP provides an important new dimension: control of your phone calls and voice mail in one centralized location, accessible from wherever you are. VIP lets you intelligently: manage your telephone calls; sort, priorioritize, and forward voice mail messages; and use your contacts more productively.

And that means your customers get better service.

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From your PC screen you can easily:

Manage your telephone calls

Manage your voice mail

Organize your contacts

Log all your inbound and outbound calls

Quickly program your ESI
feature phone