Voice Over IP can save you money! A lot of money. Who can argue with that?

With Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, you can connect your remote offices and users affordably, providing them with low-cost long distance calling, voice mail, call forwarding, email and internet access. Plus, you can avoid paying duplicate costs for installing, operating and maintaining two separate voice and data networks! So your money-savings are both up-front and ongoing.

The ESI IP 900 series puts high-quality voice and data on the same network -- reliably and affordably. And it is incredibly easy to administer -- you can manage your phone systems from anywhere on the network, across the street or across the enterprise.

Utilizing VoIP, companies with multiple locations can link everyone together as if they were all down the hall from each other. Incoming calls can also be redirected to improve call response effectiveness and overall customer service quality. Long distance charges can be virtually eliminated, because calls to your office across the country are handled just like calls to the office next door.

ESI IP 900 series brings VOIP to all businesses from 4 phones to 1000 -- no matter where they are located. Click here to learn more.

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Eliminate long distance charges

Seamlessly tie multiple locations together

Unified messaging across enterprise

Enterprise-wide applications: ACD and voice recognition

Runs multiple protocols: IP protocols, G7.11, G7.21, G7.29