Step 1 of 2: Describe the phone system you are looking for

1) How would you best describe your current phone situation? REQUIRED 

We are looking to replace our current system
We are looking for a phone system for a new office or location
We are looking to expand our current system

2) How many telephones will you need your system to accommodate? REQUIRED


This question is essentially a tally of the number of users the system will have. Each individual user or common area phone will require a unique extension.

3) Are you interested in receiving information on leasing? REQUIRED 

Yes - We are interested in leasing/financing options.
No - We are not interested in leasing/financing options.
Unsure - Please advise me of all available financing options

4) What is your budget for this purchase? REQUIRED

$2,000 - 4,999
$5,000 - 9,999
$10,000 - 19,999
$20,000 - 49,999

NOTE: Our suppliers will do their best to match your stated requirements to the budget range you indicate above. Your desired features, financing method and usage requirements will determine the actual systems and prices available.

5) When do you intend to have this system in service? REQUIRED 

Within a few months
Within 2 to 4 months
In more than 6 months

6) What is the five digit ZIP code for the location where this phone system will be installed? REQUIRED

NOTE: We only serve U.S. businesses at this time.

7) What features do you want?
(check all that apply) 

Automated attendant (automatic answering and call routing)
Advanced call routing and tracking features (typically for call centers)
Music or advertising on hold (callers hear messaging/music while on hold)
Voice over IP (VOIP - utilize the internet to cut long-distance charges)
Other (please note)

8) Please describe in detail any additional requirements.
(e.g. note if you need a T1 line, or if expanding your system please indicate the current type of system and number of lines).

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